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jham corp. is an independent, vendor-neutral IT Security consulting firm, founded in 2002, and operating globally. We typically bring to bear over 30 years of experience solving the most complex IT security issues facing enterprises today. We have the deepest technical knowledge available on the market, and we know what you’re up against.
We are strictly no-nonsense, and are driven exclusively by the ROI needs of our clients. We are NOT here to find ways to expend your budget, but rather to help you make it work. We know your money needs to be spent in the most sensible way, and we’re dedicated to helping you put it to the best possible use, no matter what the scale.
Our decades of experience come not only in technical issues, but also in management, budget, and business. We’re here to help you navigate the turbulent waters of regulations, compliance, and audits. Here’s how: we’re on your team, working for you, every step, every day.
With a very keen understanding of TCO, we seek to help each and every client succeed, from US governmental agencies to our favorite Fortune 50.
successful clients
U.S. National Security Agency
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration
...and many others we simply can’t name.http://www.nsa.govhttp://www.defenselink.mil/http://www.energy.gov/http://www.ncis.navy.mil/http://www.usda.gov/http://www.nasa.gov/shapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1shapeimage_7_link_2shapeimage_7_link_3shapeimage_7_link_4shapeimage_7_link_5
But here’s how we’re most different: We’re TEACHING consultants: We know what we’re doing, and we’ll explain how we do it. When we’re done, we’ll make sure your people can do it too!
Information Security Management Strategies
 Enterprise Risk Assessment
 Large-scale Penetration Testing
 Intrusion Monitoring & Analysis
 Incident Response & Management
 Forensic Analysis for Investigations and eDiscovery
 GIAC Certified Consultants