Information Security Management Strategies
 Threat Hunting Operations & Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)
 Network Security Monitoring & Analysis (NSM)
 Continuous Security Monitoring Strategies (CSM)
 Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)
 GIAC Certified Consultants
Instruction and Staff Development
 Experienced Instruction in Enterprise Systems and Security
 Custom Curriculum Development
 SANS Certified Instructors and Authors
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jham’s Upcoming Public Teaching and Speaking Events:
Wild West Hackin’ Fest, Way West ‘21, Reno, NV, 6/17/21 - 6/18/21
S2/E1: Eewww! Zeek Ate a Worm Again! [Recidivised]
Wild West Hackin’ Fest 2021, Deadwood, SD, 9/23/21 - 9/24/21
Lock Picking Gun Fight Tournament, date/time TBD
S2/E2: Big Game Hunting in the Clouds, date/time TBD
Cyber Huntsville, Training Exercise

 Threat Hunting Training, 11am-3pm CDT, 7/22/21